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Growing In Faith Together (GIFT Team)


 On this page you can see the wonderful work our GIFT Team does.

We share our faith with everyone.

 Amelia, Jack, Marla, Matthew and Ruby


GIFT Team 2017

GIFT Team 2017 1
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We are currently working on a number of projects including:-

  • Working with CAFOD to love generously, live wisely and think deeply.
  • Planning an assembly about May the month of Mary including a rosary procession.
  • Leading a decade of the Rosary every Friday lunchtime in May
  • Improving the setting of the new friendship bench.
  • Planning a trip to visit the GIFT Team at Divine Mercy Primary School in Manchester.

Newsletter for March and April 2017

Easter Bessings from the GIFT Team. We led a whole school collective worship about the Stations of the Cross. The whole school had taken part making films about selected stations. A film was shown while the GIFT Team led reflections and prayers and the school band led the singing.


Helping Hands Appeal Easter 2017

Helping Hands Appeal Easter 2017 1

Thank you so much for your generous donations.

It will make a real difference for local people.

On the 7th. March the GIFT team together with the School Council led an assembly about Lent. They encouraged everyone to think carefully about praying, fasting and giving. They introduced CAFOD's theme of the little fish growing into big fish. Later that week everyone was invited to bring in 50p  and the money raised would go to CAFOD helping train people to run fish farms and buy fish starter packs.

The GIFT team display board reflects the season of Lent and asks what we will do for Lent. This year we again join with the Parish in "walking from Bury to Jerusalem". For acts of kindness, joining the rosary and acts of charity the children are given a footprint which represents a mile. The miles walked in a week are passed to the Parish Office. The aim is to "walk" the 2,303 miles to Jerusalem with the Parish and possibly back. During Lent Our Lady of Lourdes have walked 1349 miles to date.

As part of our Lenten promises we have prayed a decade of the rosary every Friday lunchtime - focusing on the Sorrowful Mysteries.

We asked our school community to make donations to the Parish Helping Hands Appeal. We had a fantastic response. Thank you.

Newsletter for January and February 2017

Friday 10th. February 2017

Today we had a visit from the GIFT Team of Divine Mercy ( Manchester). Mr.Campbell brought the team to join our feast day celebration. First, they joined our Celebration Mass at Guardian Angels Church. They were then welcomed to Our Lady of Lourdes where they had a tour and saw some of the work our own GIFT Team do. We had the opportunity to find out about each other, ask questions and think about what we could do for Lent. After enjoying our lunch together a community cinema showed the film Trolls in school.

We enjoyed making friends with the GIFT Team from Divine Mercy and look forward to keeping in touch, sharing ideas and possibly visiting them in the near future.

Monday 6th. February 2017

Today the GIFT Team presented an assembly to the whole school about Our Lady of Lourdes. We are looking forward to celebrating the school's feast day later this week.

Assembly about Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes power point made by GIFT Team

Wednesday 25th. January 2017

Today the Gift Team made a presentation to the Eco group about improving the friendship bench. The two groups hope to work together on this project and had some good ideas.

Eco group and GIFT Team discuss improving the friendship bench

Monday 23rd. January 2017

Today the GIFT Team presented a whole school assembly about the Gospel from yesterday's Mass. The Gospel from Matthew 4:12-23 tells us about Jesus asking his disciples to follow him. The GIFT Team went to different children asking them to follow them to the front of the hall were they sat and listened to the Gospel. At the end of the reading the children were given a colourful paper fish with the words "Follow me" written on. They were then told to go and spread the good news. Later every child was given a paper fish as they left the hall.

Follow me power point made by the GIFT Team

GIFT display January 2017

January 2017

The GIFT Team produced a display which hoped to provoke thought about Jesus being God's gift to the world and what gifts we have been given. They posed a question asking pupils to think what gift they had used that day.

Newsletter for November/December 2016

Helping Hands Christmas 2016

Helping Hands Christmas 2016 1
Thank you so much to all our school families for a fantastic response to the Parish "Helping Hands" appeal. Your donations will be taken to Guardian Angels' Church this weekend. Your generosity will really make a difference for someone this Christmas. Thank you from the GIFT Team.

Well done to our GIFT Team and KS2 Choir members

Well done to our GIFT Team and KS2 Choir members 1
Well done to our GIFT Team and KS2 Choir members 2

On Wednesday 7th. December the GIFT Team and Key Stage 2 members of the school choir led a lovely Advent Service for Caritas. The service was held in the Parish Centre at Guardian Angels. It was attended by people that use the services at Caritas and by Caritas volunteers.

The GIFT Team read scripture and all the children either sang Christmas Carols or played musical instruments. The children were a credit to our school and families.

After the service the children mingled with the guests and shared a meal. There was even time for dancing before we left to return to school.

We received thanks and many compliments from everyone.

The GIFT Team have created an advent calendar. Each day they choose a child to open the calendar and share the message with their class. The child places the message on their class prayer table for that day.

CAFOD challenge for Laudato Si

CAFOD challenge for Laudato Si 1
CAFOD challenge for Laudato Si 2
On the 7th. November Mrs. Allcock from CAFOD came into school to meet and talk with the GIFT Team. Mrs. Allcock talked about the letter from Pope Francis called Laudato Si in which he asks us to look after God's creation. She explained CAFOD's role in encouraging us to live wisely, think deeply and love generously. We are going to work with Mrs. Allcock to try to meet the challenge in our school, homes and Parish.

Remembrance display

Remembrance display 1
Remembrance display 2
Following the moving assembly by Year 2 about Remembrance, the GIFT Team enhanced the prayer tables to encourage children to write the names of those they wanted to remember.

Feast of All Saints

The GIFT Team have been researching the lives of the saints and asked the question " What can we learn from the lives of the saints?"

Newsletter for September/October 2016

On 20th. October the whole school took part in a Rosary Procession in honour of  October, the Month of the Rosary. Well done to Chloe Leigh and Niamh from our Reception Class for crowning Our Lady's Statue. Thank you to our school band led by Mr. Phelan, they were fantastic.

Assembly about the Rosary

On 10th. October 2016, the GIFT Team led a whole school assembly about the Rosary. October is the month of the Rosary. The pupil chaplains had researched St. Dominic and how the Rosary came about. One of the GIFT Team had produced a leaflet about St. Dominic, a copy of which went into every classroom and on the prayer tables. 

They showed rosary beads of different sizes, materials and made in different countries. Many children at school were given rosary beads in celebration of their first Holy Communion and some had rosary beads that had been passed down the generations in their families. 

The GIFT Team explained how the Rosary is prayed and the rest of school joined with the prayers.

McMillan Coffee Morning

On Friday 30th. September 2016 the GIFT Team and the school council hosted a coffee morning in the school hall. This raised money for a worthy cause.

  • Thank You to all that donated cakes
  • Thank You to all who came and supported the event
  • Thank You to all the pupils and staff that helped

We raised a fantastic £285

Commissioning of the GIFT Team

Commissioning of the GIFT Team 1

On Friday 9th. September 2016, Father Paul celebrated Mass for the new school year with us. During the Mass, Father Paul commissioned our four new GIFT Team members:

Ruby Bridgewood

Amelia Crawford

Marla Davies

Matthew Wright

Each pupil chaplain was presented with a special certificate from Salford Diocese.

Father Paul also recommissioned  our two existing pupil chaplains, Olivia Mayo and Jack Walsh.




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Father David and Just Youth

On the 7th. September 2016 Just Youth came into school to present a whole school assembly about the Year of Mercy. Everyone enjoyed Father David leading us in song and dance. Later, Just Youth worked with the pupil chaplains to develop the new pupil chaplaincy team .


Pupil Chaplains with Just Youth

Pupil Chaplains with Just Youth 1
Visit the gallery to see more photos of the wonderful day we had with our guests.

Bishop John Arnold's prayer

Bishop John Arnold's prayer 1