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Growing In Faith Together (GIFT Team)

"Let us ask then for the grace to remain faithful to following Jesus and to listening to his Word." Pope Francis


 On this page you can see the wonderful work our GIFT Team does.

We share our faith with everyone.

 Caitlin, Felicity, Harry, Isabel, Leo, Philomena, Sofia and Thomas


GIFT team 2018/19

We are currently planning a display for Advent and preparing for the joint schools' Advent Service.

Monday 19th. November

Today the GIFT team led a whole school collective worship about HOPE. This focus is linked to the Hope in the Future initiative from Salford Diocese. The worship was reflective and included the children's own hopes for the future in prayer form.

Hope in the Future display

Monday 1st. October 2018

Today the GIFT Team lead a whole school collective worship about Saint Francis of Assisi. The prayerful worship was based on a book that Harry showed us and the words reminded us of the hymn Make me a Channel of your Peace.

Saint Francis of Assisi

Thank you to everyone who supported our fund raising for MacMillan.

The GIFT team and Year 5 MAD group ( Making a Difference) made everyone welcome at our annual MacMillan Coffee morning on 28th. September. There was a wonderful response to the cake appeal - thank you to our wonderful bakers. We have raised over £280.

Commissioning of GIFT Team members

14th. September 2018

The four new members of the GIFT Team were commissioned by Father Paul at the first Mass of the school year. The existing members were also recommissioned. Father Paul spoke about using our gifts for the service of others. Open a gift, use it and give thanks.

Picture 1

11th. September 2018

Today we were joined by the GIFT Team from Guardian Angel's school, to work with Just Youth. We enjoyed lots of activities which helped us to focus on how best to use our gifts and talents to work as a team in our role.

Welcome back, we hope that everyone had an enjoyable summer break and is back ready to follow in the footsteps of Jesus to love, learn and grow.


We have continued the Worry Club which is open to all children during Monday morning break time. If you would like to talk about your worries or write a prayer intention we will be in the outside classroom. We will do our best to help you.


We have continued to present the Wednesday Word in your classroom. The GIFT Team members for each class are:

Reception - Felicity and Sofia

Year 1 - Caitlin

Year 2 - Philomena

Year 3 - Thomas

Year 4 - Isabel

Year 5 - Harry

Year 6 - Leo


We have continued to pray a decade of the rosary at 1pm Friday lunchtimes. Everyone is welcome to join us. We believe our prayers make a difference.


GIFT Team 2017/18

GIFT Team 2017/18 1
GIFT Team 2017/18 2
GIFT Team 2017/18 3
GIFT Team 2017/18 4

July 2018 Newsletter

On Monday 16th. July 2018 the GIFT teams from both Our Lady of Lourdes and Guardian Angels enjoyed a trip to the Schoenstatt Shrine at Kearsley. The day was a celebration of all the wonderful work that the teams have carried out in their schools. At the shrine we held a reflective, prayerful service. Thank you to Marla for playing the flute and leading us in song. We continued with reflection and the rosary within the beautiful grounds. The weather was kind to us and we were able to enjoy a picnic and games. Thanks also go to George Ponka who drove the Parish mini bus for us.

Recruitment of new GIFT team members

Thank you to the nine wonderful Year 4 children who applied to be members of the GIFT team next year. Some of our current Year 5 GIFT team carried out the shortlisting and interviews. It was a very difficult task and the team conducted themselves in a very professional and caring way.

The new members will be commissioned at the start of the next school year.

Congratulations to

  • Thomas Barrett
  • Philomena Price
  • Harry Weston
  • Isabel Yates


On Monday 9th. July 2018 the GIFT team presented an assembly about Saints. They all decided to choose a saint that was important to them. They carried out research and told the whole school about their saint. They encouraged the children to find out more about saints and try to follow their good example. They reminded the children that they are saints of the future.

Picture 1

First Holy Communion

Best wishes to all the children making their first Holy Communion 30th. June and 1st. July.

The GIFT team made a card for every child.

Pope Francis

On Monday 25th. June the GIFT team led an assembly about Pope Francis. The team had researched well and shared with the whole school. We particularly remembered that Pope Francis needs our prayers. We also discussed Pope Francis' Five Finger Prayer.

Picture 1

Pope Francis powerpoint

May Procession

On the 24th. May the GIFT team led the prayers and procession in honour of Our Lady. A big thank you to the school band and the choir for leading the beautiful singing.

See the gallery for photos of the event.

Picture 1

Pentecost celebrations

On Friday 18th. May we celebrated Pentecost.The whole school were invited to wear red the colour of Pentecost. Pentecost is known as the birthday of the Christian Church. The GIFT team talked about the Holy Spirit and explained the gifts of the Holy Spirit. We celebrated with music, dancing, red balloons and cake.

See the gallery for photos of the event.

Picture 1

On Monday 30th. April the GIFT Team lead a whole school collective worship about Mary. They had thoroughly researched the many ways and titles that Mary is known by. They particularly focussed on four titles that relate to our school's housepoint reward scheme.

  • Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Our Lady of Knock
  • Our Lady of Fatima
  • Our Lady of Walsingham

Our Lady of Lourdes, Knock, Fatima and Walsingham

Our Lady of Lourdes, Knock, Fatima and Walsingham 1
Our Lady of Lourdes, Knock, Fatima and Walsingham 2
Our Lady of Lourdes, Knock, Fatima and Walsingham 3
Our Lady of Lourdes, Knock, Fatima and Walsingham 4

Whole school collective worship about Mary

Powerpoint for Mary

Father Paul talks about vocations

On 26th. April it was our school's day of prayer for vocations. Father Paul came into school the week before to talk to the GIFT team about vocations and especially his own vocation. Father Paul answered many question and gave the team a good insight into his role.

Powerpoint for the day of prayer for vocations

Easter Egg Raffle

Thank you to all those who supported our raffle. £170 was raised and will be split between CAFOD and Caritas. Congratulations to Roxy and Ruby Doyle who won the chocolate hamper.

Easter Collective Worship 2018 (part 1)

Still image for this video

Easter Collective Worship (part 2)

Still image for this video

Easter Collective Worship (part3)

Still image for this video

Powerpoint for Holy Week

Newsletter March 2018

Picture 1

Walking to Jerusalem

Today we joined with the Parish and Guardian Angels' Primary School in making a start on our "journey" from Bury to Jerusalem. For every good act during Lent we earn a footstep. The footstep represents a mile walked.

Each person will record their miles on a classroom footprint which will be added to the total for the Parish.

Today the GIFT Team delivered a message to each class about the start of Lent. They explained that this is a special time for us to think about:-

  • God and our relationship with him
  • Asking for forgiveness and forgiving others
  • Making a fresh start
  • Preparing ourselves for Easter

They prayed

Dear Lord Jesus, please help me and my family to grow in love and strength during Lent through keeping our Lenten promises. Amen


Visit by Guardian Angels' GIFT Team

Visit by Guardian Angels' GIFT Team 1

Celebrating Our Lady of Lourdes feast day.

On Friday 9th. February we celebrated the feast day in school. We were delighted that the GIFT Team from Guardian Angels' joined us for the whole day. We celebrated with Mass at Church, then on return to school we gave the GIFT Team a tour of the classrooms. After discussing Action Plans and developing our links with both Guardian Angels' and the Parish, we shared lunch together. In the afternoon we enjoyed watching a film with the whole school. It was great to share our celebration with our sister school GIFT Team.



We are currently working on:-

  • Praying  a decade of the Rosary every Friday lunchtime
  • Running Worry Club every Monday morning break
  • Presenting the Wednesday Word to link classes
  • Developing links with the GIFT Team at Guardian Angels and the Parish.

Happy Birthday Father Paul

Happy Birthday Father Paul 1
Happy Birthday Father Paul 2
Happy Birthday Father Paul 3
Happy Birthday Father Paul 4

Introducing,explaining and delivering the Wednesday Word to each class

Christmas newsletter

We wish you a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas.

We wish you a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas. 1

Helping Hands appeal Christmas 2017

Helping Hands appeal Christmas 2017 1
Helping Hands appeal Christmas 2017 2
Helping Hands appeal Christmas 2017 3

Thank you for your kind donations to the Parish Helping Hands appeal.

The donations will make a difference to someone in need. Please see below a moving letter the Parish received from the Brothers based in Collyhurst, Manchester.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Caritas Advent Service - 6th. December 2017

The GIFT Teams from Our Lady of Lourdes and Guardian Angels worked together to lead a beautiful Advent Service for Caritas. They were accompanied by some members of the band and choir.

Sister Joan from Caritas in Bury had organised the event for Caritas volunteers and the elderly that attend a lunch club. Some elderly people had been brought to the event, at Guardian Angels' Parish centre, by their care homes.

Everyone enjoyed the carol singing and readings. The children later mingled, chatted, shared lunch and danced. It was a lovely event.

Day of prayer for Vocations - 29th. November 2017

The GIFT Team explained to each class what Vocations means and led prayers for people to be open to God's invitation to consider a holy life. Father Paul was especially included in our prayers. Each child wrote a prayer for Vocations which formed a paper chain of prayers for each classroom prayer table.

Day of prayer for vocations

October is the month we particularly celebrate the Rosary. Today we processed around the school singing "Immaculate Mary" before we gathered in front of the statues of Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Bernadette. We included special prayer intentions for our families and anyone who needs our prayers. After we prayed a decade of the Rosary we sang "As I kneel before you" accompanied by our wonderful school band. The GIFT team were also helped by members of the MAD group.

It was a lovely tribute to Our Lady and the Rosary.

18th. October 2017

Wednesday Word

The Wednesday Word is a gift from school. It is a leaflet designed to be shared by families to help them think about the Gospel message for the following weekend Mass. As part of the action plan discussions, the GIFT team felt they could present the Gospel message to each class using the link GIFT team members. By doing this we hope to encourage children to read the Wednesday Word as a family activity.

Today the GIFT team talked to classes about the Gospel message for this week, GRATITUDE.

18th. October 2017

Link GIFT team members

During our action planning we decided to assign GIFT team members to be linked to each class.

Reception Class - Sofia and Felicity

Year 1 - Marla

Year 2 - Caitlin

Year 3 - Matthew

Year 4 - Ruby

Year 5 - Amelia

Year 6 - Leo

CAFOD Harvest fundraising £376.35. Well Done everyone.

Day with Just Youth and the new GIFT Team at Guardian Angels

MacMillan Coffee Morning

Thank you to everyone who supported our MacMillan coffee morning. The event was run by the Make A Difference group (MAD). The GIFT Team plus William Henry Young, Kira Kenny, Ruby Birkett, Leah Reynolds and Molly Quirke ran the event which raised a wonderful £272.41 for this fantastic charity.

We were selling cakes to raise money for people with cancer and other life threating illnesses. We were inspired by people like Kate who was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Her MacMillan nurse, Wendy, was there to answer her questions and offer emotional support.

With your support we have helped to change lives by:

  • Funding MacMillan nurses
  • Providing cancer information
  • Financial support, like grants and advice
  • Supporting the MacMillan Support Line


Action Planning

Commissioning by Father Paul September 2017

We are the Year 5 members of the GIFT Team.We have recently been commissioned at Guardian Angels Church by Father Paul. It was quite exciting knowing that we were now messengers of God. We felt honoured to be chosen for this very important role. To be chosen we had to fill in an application form, be interviewed and complete a task about improving the friendship bench. Four of us were chosen and we were very happy and excited to start our role.

Sofia and Leo (and on behalf of Caitlin and Felicity)

Welcome to the new academic year 2017/18.

This year we have eight members of the GIFT Team: Amelia, Marla, Matthew, Ruby, Leo, Sofia, Caitlin and Felicity. We are looking forward to working with the new GIFT Team at our sister school, Guardian Angels.


GIFT Team 2017/18

We are currently working on a number of projects including:-

  • Working with CAFOD to love generously, live wisely and think deeply.
  • Planning an assembly about May the month of Mary including a rosary procession.
  • Leading a decade of the Rosary every Friday lunchtime in May
  • Improving the setting of the new friendship bench.
  • Planning a trip to visit the GIFT Team at Divine Mercy Primary School in Manchester.

Newsletter for March and April 2017

Easter Bessings from the GIFT Team. We led a whole school collective worship about the Stations of the Cross. The whole school had taken part making films about selected stations. A film was shown while the GIFT Team led reflections and prayers and the school band led the singing.


Helping Hands Appeal Easter 2017

Helping Hands Appeal Easter 2017 1

Thank you so much for your generous donations.

It will make a real difference for local people.

On the 7th. March the GIFT team together with the School Council led an assembly about Lent. They encouraged everyone to think carefully about praying, fasting and giving. They introduced CAFOD's theme of the little fish growing into big fish. Later that week everyone was invited to bring in 50p  and the money raised would go to CAFOD helping train people to run fish farms and buy fish starter packs.

The GIFT team display board reflects the season of Lent and asks what we will do for Lent. This year we again join with the Parish in "walking from Bury to Jerusalem". For acts of kindness, joining the rosary and acts of charity the children are given a footprint which represents a mile. The miles walked in a week are passed to the Parish Office. The aim is to "walk" the 2,303 miles to Jerusalem with the Parish and possibly back. During Lent Our Lady of Lourdes have walked 1349 miles to date.

As part of our Lenten promises we have prayed a decade of the rosary every Friday lunchtime - focusing on the Sorrowful Mysteries.

We asked our school community to make donations to the Parish Helping Hands Appeal. We had a fantastic response. Thank you.

Newsletter for January and February 2017

Friday 10th. February 2017

Today we had a visit from the GIFT Team of Divine Mercy ( Manchester). Mr.Campbell brought the team to join our feast day celebration. First, they joined our Celebration Mass at Guardian Angels Church. They were then welcomed to Our Lady of Lourdes where they had a tour and saw some of the work our own GIFT Team do. We had the opportunity to find out about each other, ask questions and think about what we could do for Lent. After enjoying our lunch together a community cinema showed the film Trolls in school.

We enjoyed making friends with the GIFT Team from Divine Mercy and look forward to keeping in touch, sharing ideas and possibly visiting them in the near future.

Monday 6th. February 2017

Today the GIFT Team presented an assembly to the whole school about Our Lady of Lourdes. We are looking forward to celebrating the school's feast day later this week.

Assembly about Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Lourdes power point made by GIFT Team

Wednesday 25th. January 2017

Today the Gift Team made a presentation to the Eco group about improving the friendship bench. The two groups hope to work together on this project and had some good ideas.

Eco group and GIFT Team discuss improving the friendship bench

Monday 23rd. January 2017

Today the GIFT Team presented a whole school assembly about the Gospel from yesterday's Mass. The Gospel from Matthew 4:12-23 tells us about Jesus asking his disciples to follow him. The GIFT Team went to different children asking them to follow them to the front of the hall were they sat and listened to the Gospel. At the end of the reading the children were given a colourful paper fish with the words "Follow me" written on. They were then told to go and spread the good news. Later every child was given a paper fish as they left the hall.

Follow me power point made by the GIFT Team

GIFT display January 2017

January 2017

The GIFT Team produced a display which hoped to provoke thought about Jesus being God's gift to the world and what gifts we have been given. They posed a question asking pupils to think what gift they had used that day.

Newsletter for November/December 2016

Helping Hands Christmas 2016

Helping Hands Christmas 2016 1
Thank you so much to all our school families for a fantastic response to the Parish "Helping Hands" appeal. Your donations will be taken to Guardian Angels' Church this weekend. Your generosity will really make a difference for someone this Christmas. Thank you from the GIFT Team.

Well done to our GIFT Team and KS2 Choir members

Well done to our GIFT Team and KS2 Choir members 1
Well done to our GIFT Team and KS2 Choir members 2

On Wednesday 7th. December the GIFT Team and Key Stage 2 members of the school choir led a lovely Advent Service for Caritas. The service was held in the Parish Centre at Guardian Angels. It was attended by people that use the services at Caritas and by Caritas volunteers.

The GIFT Team read scripture and all the children either sang Christmas Carols or played musical instruments. The children were a credit to our school and families.

After the service the children mingled with the guests and shared a meal. There was even time for dancing before we left to return to school.

We received thanks and many compliments from everyone.

The GIFT Team have created an advent calendar. Each day they choose a child to open the calendar and share the message with their class. The child places the message on their class prayer table for that day.

CAFOD challenge for Laudato Si

CAFOD challenge for Laudato Si 1
CAFOD challenge for Laudato Si 2
On the 7th. November Mrs. Allcock from CAFOD came into school to meet and talk with the GIFT Team. Mrs. Allcock talked about the letter from Pope Francis called Laudato Si in which he asks us to look after God's creation. She explained CAFOD's role in encouraging us to live wisely, think deeply and love generously. We are going to work with Mrs. Allcock to try to meet the challenge in our school, homes and Parish.

Remembrance display

Remembrance display 1
Remembrance display 2
Following the moving assembly by Year 2 about Remembrance, the GIFT Team enhanced the prayer tables to encourage children to write the names of those they wanted to remember.

Feast of All Saints

The GIFT Team have been researching the lives of the saints and asked the question " What can we learn from the lives of the saints?"

Newsletter for September/October 2016

On 20th. October the whole school took part in a Rosary Procession in honour of  October, the Month of the Rosary. Well done to Chloe Leigh and Niamh from our Reception Class for crowning Our Lady's Statue. Thank you to our school band led by Mr. Phelan, they were fantastic.

Bishop John Arnold's prayer

Bishop John Arnold's prayer 1