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Here are some quotes from our diary entries...


'Suddenly there was a scorpion. We ran as fast as we could.'  - Giacomo


'He was lost in some wavy wet grass.' - David


'Today has been the most frightening day of my life! - Isabel


'but it didn't look like the field. It was a jungle!' - Robson


'There was a scorpion there. I was petrified!.' - George


'It had sharp poisonous teeth and poisonous horns.' - Haris


'I heard a bird flying towards me, then I saw it scoop up a worm.' - Lily-May


'I miss my family. I want to stay big.' - Anon


'Suddenly I saw millions of Anacondas.' - Daniel


'The bee saved me from the slimy scorpion.' - Anon


'I was in the lab and I knocked over the shrinking potion.' - Anon


'Yesterday was an unusual day...' - Lucy