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Class 4

Welcome to Class 4!


Welcome back to the last half term of the year.



The children have made a great start with our first two days focussing on CARITAS IN ACTION, with the themes of 'Family and Community' and 'Solidarity and the Common Good.' They enjoyed looking at ways our community can reflect the vision God had for the world.

Let us remember the 'Action Plan' we made as a class to help fulfil the commandment Jesus gave us.

Congratulations to those children who were confirmed. You continue to be in our prayers as you now prepare for your first Holy Communion.

Summer 1 2015 Curriculum overview

Maths homework support 23/6/15 - Shape vocabulary dictionary

Fashion Show - IPC Topic entry point


Storytelling with Richard O'Neill


You thought of some fantastic characters using the block. They certainly were extraordinary!
SCIENCE unit of work: 'How can you throw your shadow?'

Phases of the Moon by class 4.



English unit of work: Biographies and autobiographies

In English we learned about autobiographies and biographies. In particular, we researched Jamila Gavin, an author with a fascinating life story. We used one of her stories as a basis for our own writing. These stories are displayed outside our classroom.

Here are the links for you to look at the websites in more detail.

There is also a useful link to a website of biographies of famous figures.


Remember to look for the features we have learned in class.