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Great Fire of London (1)

We had a great time when we met a police officer from 1666 (Officer Waterworks). She discovered that our paper models of Tudor houses had burned down and the remains were left in our classroom. 

We had the task of finding out the answers to her clues. These clues helped use to find out facts about the Great Fire of London.


Officer Waterworks was very impressed with our detective skills.

Picture 1 The ashes and remains of our Tudor houses.
Picture 2 A map to show the Baker's shop on Pudding Lane.
Picture 3 Thomas Farrinor owned the Baker's shop.
Picture 4 Samuel Pepys wrote a diary about the Great Fire.
Picture 5 The wooden houses caused the fire to spread.
Picture 6 How did the fire start?
Picture 7 What year was the Great Fire of London?
Picture 8 Let's see if we have found all the facts.
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