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Shape - we are learning about circles and triangles a. Today we looked at the work of Kandinsky and created some work inspired by him.

Subtilising - we are using our perceptual skills this week to subitise (instantly recognising the number shown without the need to count).

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The children created their own game using the dice. They had to call the number shown on the dice once it was rolled to them.

Composition - we are exploring how numbers can be composed of 1s. We used the stem sentence 1 and another 1 is 2.

We are learning about size; the language we use to describe size. Big, small, short, tall. Small, smaller, smallest, big, bigger, biggest. Small, medium and large.What fits in different size bags. Using observational skills and using problem solving skills to evaluate. We will practise making small, medium and large things to compare.

Counting - we have been counting using lots of different resources

Discovering different representations of the number 5.

Part, part, whole - composing and decomposing numbers to 6.

Composing and decomposing numbers to 6

Using a giant number line to practise moving forwards and backwards to enable us to use STEM language; more, less, fewer and most. The children really enjoyed also extending this onto finding the difference when asked “if I have 2 and move 1 more or 1 less, what number will I have.”