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Friday 270320


  1. PE with Mr Gardiner and Mr Greenwood  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQQaglGJa_s&feature=youtu.beCheck-in/register -


2. Long term Science - seed growing. See if you can get hold of some seeds, some small pots or a seed tray and some compost/soil. Plant the seeds and let’s all see how they progress and what we can grow. You may need to sow them indoors, it depends what you’re growing, my wife has got some going in a little plastic ‘greenhouse’ outside but my chilli and tomato seeds need to be started on a warm windowsill.


3. 0930 Padlet


4. Weekly Art project:


Go to https://www.tate.org.uk/kids/make There are lots of great ideas! You have one week to make/create something amazing. For this week, follow one of the ideas from the Paint and Draw section. We will do this weekly, so you can look at the other ideas and do some planning ahead. Your first finished (paint and draw) project should be put on Seesaw on Friday 3rd April.


5. Music - in your blue folder, you’ll find some harmonica music (if you can’t find the music I have also put it on the class page of the school website). I’d like you to practice playing the National Anthem. If you don’t have your harp, then learn to sing it, or learn it on another instrument! You have a week - I may ask you to record your performance onto Seesaw. You have been warned!

6. TTRS battle of the bands vs Y4 running from noon today, until high noon Friday 3rd of April.


7. Complete all outstanding tasks. 

Remember 80% required on My Maths, so some of you have been set tasks to repeat.