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Oracy and Communication

Communication is a process.I believe  being able to communicate is the most important of all life skills. It is what enables us to pass information to other people, and to understand what is expressed to us in many ways.The sensory experiences provided by Forest School helps prompt language development,interaction as a group and development of social skills.Improving communication skills has a positive effect on a child's self-esteem and their personal,holistic and emotional development.

Have a look what we have been up to during our sessions.

Mrs Lindley aka AnnaAnaconda


Talent show.Keep your balance.Pine cone & string.

🐬Sketching and colouring our favourite sea creatures found in UK seas🌊

Wild and Farm Animals Trail. Big Wild Scavenger Hunt.

Draw a feather 🪶 wildlife yoga 🐸 sensory bingo!

Nature crowns,bringing fresh water for our drakes, bubbles,bird spotting and Her Royal Mud-jesty,the Queen 😉

Clay creatures & Bug hunt 🐌

🐝Connecting with nature by creating ,planting mini Bee Garden ,Terrarium and going on a Big Bug Hunt 🐌

🦔Hedgehog Awareness Week🌿creating hedgehogs by using different type of materials.

🎶Creating a musical forest 🌳

Reading a poem “Dandelion” by Robert Macfarlane. Collecting dandelions to tried how delicious they are(dandelions are beautiful edible flowers,often overlooked). Storytelling:”Legend of the Dandelion-The Children’s Flower”. Talked about the poem and the story.

Egg box scavenger hunt(explain your finds).Hapazome- leaf dye 🍃 (flower pounding,hammering the plant materials onto the cloth).

Making Easter Bunny 🐰

Arts&Crafts.Games.Relaxing time.

Nature Easter Eggs. Nature Watch. Mud Kitchen Menu.

Nature Easter Eggs. Nature Watch. Looking after our runner ducks.

Whittling and decorating sticks. Nature watch.

Measuring. Nature watch.

Whittling and decorating sticks. Looking after our FS Garden. Hammock .

Whittling and decorating sticks. Rope Shapes.Looking after our drakes 🦆 🦆🦆

Making Stick Man. Rope shapes.Looking after our runner ducks.

Name discs. Tracing body with natural materials. 1,2,3Where are you?

Play-Doh creatures. Name discs. Tracing body with natural materials. 1,2,3Where are you?

Go find it. Bug Hunt. Looking after our runner ducks.

1,2,3 Where are you?(game) Vanish(game) Making bubbles(never too old for that😅) Fiddly Fine Motor Task.

Making bubbles. Fiddly Fine Motor Task. Hammock time.

Reading “Tree” by B.Teckentrup (A wonderful book about seasons). Weaving wool around carton to decorate it.

Painting using natural materials(mud,stick,leaves,pine cone)

Go find it (game) Hammock time (relaxing and calming time) Drawing favourite thing about Forest School.

Making bird feeders out of recycle items.

Building dens, Bird Spotting, 1,2,3 Where are you?

Making fairy fires🔥and toasting yummy marshmallows 😋