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Tuesday RE with Mrs Waterworth

Tuesday 30th June - The Beatitudes 

Please find attached your activity for  this week. You will need the first PDF and the either the powerpoint  or the second PDF. 

Tuesday 23rd June - Reconciliation The Ten Commandments (Part 2)

Please find your activity attached below.

Tuesday 16th June - RECONCILIATION - The Ten Commandments 

Please find attached your activity for this week. 

Tuesday 9th June - RECONCILIATION Freedom and Responsibility

Please find this week's activity below. 


Tuesday 2nd June - Welcome back to Summer Term 2

Please find  below the activity to complete our topic of Transformation.

Tuesday 19th May - Transformation and Pentecost

Please find the activity for  this week below. 

Tuesday 12th May - Transformation Unit - The Ascension Of Jesus.


This week we need to help Fr Paul as well as learning and recalling the Ascension of Jesus into Heaven. 
Fr. Paul would really like it if you could produce a picture and email to him so that he could decorate Church with your work. So to fit with our topic, this week, firstly I would like you to watch the 2 minute video about the Ascension (when Jesus leaves the disciples and goes to his Father in heaven). 



Then using the design theme of the El Salvador crosses (see image below), design your own cross showing Jesus ascending into heaven. Use the cross template provided if you wish (see attachment below).


Once you’ve completed your Ascension themed El Salvador cross, take a photo and email it to Fr Paul or Sharon: 
Sharon.beech@dioceseofsalford.org.uk or Paul.cannon@dioceseofsalford.org.uk

It will be lovely to see your work in church. 





Tuesday 5th May.

Please find attached the creative RE activity for this week. I look forward to seeing some of your butterfly creations. Stay safe and take care from Mrs Waterworth. 

Summer 1  - Welcome to a new Term.


For the first two weeks of Religion lessons, we would be focussing on a World Religion. As the end of the week marks the beginning of the Islamic festival and belief Ramadan, I thought it would be lovely for you to create a research project - Like the one we did for Judaism. 


Please find the question and information booklet for you to follow and complete. 


Look forward to seeing your work, Stay Safe 

Mrs Waterworth

Alternate format of booklet above

Tuesday 24th March

Please find attached some of the activities that we would have completed in our Religion lesson.

Tuesday 31st March

Please find attached some activities you could do this week. 

Send your work to Mr Nulty on See-saw for the attention of Mrs Waterworth