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Year 2's naughty Elf

On Monday 23rd November, Father Christmas sent one of his elves to watch over Year 2. Each night he rings Fr. Christmas to report on Year 2's behaviour- have they been naughty or nice?

The children named the elf, Flick. Fr. Christmas also warned the children that his elves can be mischievous. They didn't think this would be true until they arrived each morning to find that strange things had happened in the classroom. 


Don't worry though because the children are keeping a diary of Flick's naughty behaviour to report back to Fr. Christmas at the end of his stay.

Picture 1 What a mess Flick!
Picture 2 The Minions put Flick in a trap.
Picture 3 Flick photocopied himself and made posters.
Picture 4 He hid but we found him!
Picture 5 Hiding in the cupboard
Picture 6 Tipping over chairs
Picture 7 Moving the water bottles
Picture 8 Where's the Christmas Tree?
Picture 9 Moving the tables.
Picture 10 Trapped in the stable by Mary and Joseph.
Picture 11 The tree is in the corridor!
Picture 12 What a party!
Picture 13 A 1D concert in Year 2
Picture 14 Who's in the 1D band?
Picture 15 Oh Dear, What has Flick done to Santa?
Picture 16 I think Santa has lost his sleigh!
Picture 17 Is there anybody in the bubble wrap?
Picture 18 We found Flick inside the bubble wrap.
Picture 19 Flick encouraged the toys to be unkind!
Picture 20 Another fine mess that Flick has left behind!
Picture 21 Flick's poor attempt to tidy the pencil pots.
Picture 22 He's hiding up high today!
Picture 23 Flick had wandered off to Reception class.
Picture 24 Flick's bush tucker trial!
Picture 25 The toys locked Flick outside.
Picture 26 They said, "no," he couldn't come in!
Picture 27 Where does the path of photos lead to?
Picture 28 Flick was hiding inside the printer!
Picture 29 Around the world in 80 days- hidden in the globe.
Picture 30 Is Flick under the cloak?
Picture 31 No, he's in the Attic!
Picture 32 Farewell Flick - time to return to the North Pole.