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Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School

School Logo

Our Lady of Lourdes RC Primary School



Picture 1 Mrs Davies Executive Headteacher
Picture 2 Mrs Waterworth Head of School
Picture 3 Mrs Ensor School Business Manager
Picture 4 Mrs Kiddle Reception Teacher
Picture 5 Miss Heywood Y1 Teacher
Picture 6 Mr Kulyn Y2 Teacher
Picture 7 Mrs Weston Y3 Teacher/SENCo
Picture 8 Miss Ritchie Y4 Teacher
Picture 9 Mr Phelan Y5 Teacher
Picture 10 Mr Magee Y6 Teacher/Assistant Headteacher
Picture 11 Mrs Cadwallader 1:1 Teacher
Picture 12 Mrs Gugniewicz Teaching Assistant Y2
Picture 13 Miss Proudfoot Teaching Assistant Reception
Picture 14 Mrs Chrominska Teaching Assistant Reception
Picture 15 Miss Easey Teaching Assistant Y2
Picture 16 Miss Grey Teaching Assistant Reception/Y3
Picture 17 Mrs Baylis Teaching Assistant Y6
Picture 18 Miss Duffy Teaching Assistant Y3
Picture 19 Miss Pierce Teaching Assistant Y4
Picture 20 Mrs Lindley Teaching Assistant Year 1
Picture 21 Mrs Hooper Teaching Assistant Y5
Picture 22 Mrs Hindle Teaching Assistant S& L/Chaplain
Picture 23 Miss Dean HLTA
Picture 24 Miss Lawton Teaching Assistant Y3/Y4
Picture 25 Ms Thomson Parent Support Advisor
Picture 26 Mr Gardiner Sports Coach
Picture 27 Mrs Howard Administration Assistant
Picture 28 Mrs Grey Cook
Picture 29 Mrs Swann Assistant Cook
Picture 30 Mrs Varden Midday Supervisor
Picture 31 Mrs Maiden Midday Supervisor
Picture 32 Mrs Guidi Midday Supervisor
Picture 33 Mrs Gray Midday Supervisor