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Animals including Humans

Observation Over Time - Which exercise works our hearts and bodies the most?

We made predictions and then investigated which type of exercise made our hearts beat the fastest, made us breathe faster and made us feel hot and sweaty. We needed a good rest afterwards!

Animals' Needs for Survival

We looked at animals' basic needs for survival (food, air, water, shelter).  We thought about which animals might be in our school grounds and how we could help them survive.  We made some lovely habitats for them in Forest School.

Life Cycles

We looked at the life cycles of different animals and then shared what we’d learned with a partner. We compared the different life cycles to see how they were similar and how they were different.

Comparing hand spans 

We’ve been investigating hand spans. We came up with our own question and predictions and how we wanted to test this theory out. We predicted that the older the person the bigger the hand span. Our prediction was generally correct apart from anomalies which we think is due to height. 


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Guess the Baby!

We worked in groups to guess who the baby photos belonged to - we were very good at working it out!

Look how we’ve changed!

Animals and their Babies

We matched the baby animal to the adult animal and then sorted them into groups - animals that look like the adult and animals that don’t look like the adult.


Observation Over Time - Do all seeds germinate in the same way?

We used magnifying glasses to observe a sunflower seed and a broad bean and then made predictions to answer our question. We placed both seeds on a wet paper towel in a plastic food bag and attached them to the window. We are looking forward to observing our seeds over the next few weeks to see what happens! 

Results - Do all seeds germinate in the same way?

No!! We observed our seeds and found that nearly all the sunflower seeds had germinated and most of the broad beans hadn’t. We noticed that some of the sunflower plants had roots, a stem and some leaves but we also noticed they didn’t look very healthy. We are looking forward to investigating what seeds need to grow into healthy plants.

Observation Over Time/ Comparative Test - Do seeds need water and sunlight to grow into healthy plants?

We used magnifying glasses to observe some cress seeds. We were very surprised at how tiny they were!! We planted the seeds in soil, put our pots on the windowsill and we will water them every day.

Miss Walker planted seeds in two pots. One pot will have water but no sunlight and the other pot will have sunlight but no water. We predicted that Miss Walker’s plants will not grow into healthy plants. We can’t wait to observe and see what happens!