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Wednesday 290420

Wednesday 290420


Check-in: put your Time Challenge data on Seesaw


Ultimate Challenge (you’ll need a protractor - yes, the one you’ll need in September when you go to high school!): construct a simple pie chart to represent the data: add up the total time you spent on different activities, e.g. add all your meal times together, etc. It would be easier if you round each activity to the nearest hour. So you may end up with something like sleeping: 9 hours, studying: 6 hours (haha), watching TV: 3 hours, playing video games: 2 hours, meal times: 1 hour, other activities: 4 hours. That should give a total of 24 hours.

Now for the tricky bit: a pie chart is based on a circle: as you know, a circle is 360 degrees, so, 360 / 24 = 15 degrees; each hour is worth 15 degrees. Work out how many degrees each activity is, e.g. studying: 6x 15 = 90 degrees.

Off you go!

Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy and a really good skill to take into KS3.


Maths: Let’s keep the Statistics theme going:

Advanced: Pages 78 -81

Standard: Pages 77-79

Foundation: Pages 83 89


PE: https://youtu.be/dqx9-rUa04Q




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