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Tuesday 240320

Good morning everyone.

Tuesday 240320

Today’s programme:

1) Maths activity/check-in/register on Seesaw (to be completed today)


Pobble365 http://www.pobble365.com/solitary-existence/ Copy and paste the link into your browser, it will take you to the Pobble page and you will see a picture: scroll down to see the different activities. Please complete the Story Starter and the Perfect Picture activities and post them on Seesaw. The story can be typed directly into Seesaw or hand written and photographed, and maybe even recorded (as we do in class). I will leave it up to you how you respond to and present the Perfect Picture task (so long as I can see it on Seesaw, of course!).


2) English. Pobble 365 Story Starter is to be completed and posted on Seesaw on Thursday. Please do your very best; edit/redraft as we do in class. The writing you produce will be taken into consideration when making judgements for the final teacher assessments for KS2 that I will forward to your high school.


3) Art. Pobble 365 Perfect Picture is to be completed and posted on Seesaw on Wednesday.


4) Physical exercise (whatever you like, so long as it gets those lungs pumping!)


Some of you still have MyMaths to complete (remember, achieve at least 80% or else repeat). Do the lesson before the homework and use your study book to help you. Some of you have had Monday’s work sent to you again to repeat, so please check.


Please also complete the Common Lit exercise set yesterday and do your very best, for the reason stated above. Don’t forget your weekly Spelling Shed activities. If you didn’t do Monday’s check-in activity, do it today.


Kind regards, Mr. P.


March 24, 2020