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We’ve started our fractions topic and looking at equal and unequal groups and the parts and wholes of things. We’ve used all different things to do this including play-dough so that we could cut and mould our own equal parts of fractions. 

Mastering maths 


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We’ve been enjoying counting and moving and grooving in maths 


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We’ve been exploring and finding halves around school. 

We’ve been looking at halves being equivalent fractions and then working out quarters of numbers. 

We’ve been exploring three quarters in our outdoor learning today we’ve been extremely creative with our fractions and looking at different ways to complete them.

We’ve been helping each other with solving fraction reasoning problems

We’ve been exploring measuring length today as we continue to bring maths to life. We’ve then been marking each other’s ‘mistakes’ and explaining what we’ve done wrong. 


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We’ve been comparing lengths today as measure everyday objects and use our language or shorter, longer, taller and smaller.

We’ve been looking at position and direction. We’ve focused on going forward, backwards, half turns, quarter turns and full turns. We’ve been directing each other around the playground using this language. 


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We’ve started our new topic all about time! We’ve been playing ‘What time is it Mr Wolf?’ we’ve been making mistakes on purpose to see whether we’d get ‘gobbled up’ for it or not. Some of our mistakes were quite clever and tricky. 


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In maths we’re continuing with time as we made our own clocks to tell the time on.

We’ve been learning all about weighing, balancing and mass of objects today. We’ve been bringing maths to life through practical explorations today. 

We’ve been creating human balancing scales today as we look at different masses and compare objects that are lighter and heavier or equal 

Lots of water fun as we learn all about volume and capacity 

Measuring using millilitres and litres 

Measuring and comparing temperature