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Living Things and Their Habitats

As I’m sure you are aware Crocodile Joe came to visit these Sheila’s and Bruce’s in school. What a FANTASTIC day we had! Learning about the importance of not using plastic bags with the Spartacus story and handling lots of different reptiles.

We went on a habitat hunt. We went outside to search for different habitats to see if there was a difference between them and why we might find certain mini beasts in one type of habitat but not another. We looked in places such as the bushes, under a tree, under rocks and deep in the ground. We carefully brought what we’d found inside and used magnifying glasses to take a closer look at our findings. We found different things in each such as worms were in deep muddy places whereas woodlouse were hidden in darker woodier places.

What fun we’ve had in science exploring the different kinds of invertebrates. We brought them to life in our books (we had a few little screams). 


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We did an eggsiting eggsperiment. We are looking at tooth decay. We placed eggs (because they are the same material as our teeth) into vinegar and full fat coke and we will watch to see what happens to their shells over this week. We have made our predictions and hopefully it might teach us to brush and look after our teeth even more. 

We’ve been learning all about the wonders of the digestive system - we created our own one. Starting with an apple being chewed by the teeth, then the mouth adding saliva to make it easier to swallow down the oesophagus to then the stomach where the apple would be broken down by stomach acids and enzymes. Next to the small intestine where our food is turned into energy we need. Then the final destination of the large intestine where the food is made into a solid and then finally out as 💩 


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We’ve been dissecting 💩 to work out who made it and where they might come on the food chain. Was it a carnivore? Herbivore? Or omnivore? How do we know?