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Class 5

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Welcome to Class 5!


The Class Blog will remain live for the time being, the link is up above and we're using it for the 100 Word Challenge homework.


I've had some problems uploading video to the web page - I can load the videos but there is no sound! Due to this problem I have uploaded some videos to Youtube, and provided links on this page. The blues rhythm tune (with Mat Walklate) is now available for viewing. It's not often you see a 38 piece harmonica orchestra so be sure to watch and keep practising the blues! I have also posted a couple of the Canticle of The Sun videos - we'll have to send one to Pope Francis!


I have been asked about putting homework on this page. English homework is regularly posted here and occasionally Maths, however there are copyright issues with some of the resources I use which prevent me from posting on this page. This also applies to the scheme we are following for the harmonica. However, I have put the harmonica tablature for Happy Birthday as some of you requested - you have to play the hardest note on the C diatonic harmonica: 9 draw. See how you get on with it! I've also uploaded tablature for the Match of the Day theme tune, as requested.


I've added a link to the 100 Word Challenge site. It would be great to see some of you entering the latest challenge in your own time. You should never be complaining of being bored! Remember to post your writing on the class blog and then copy the url onto the 100WC site, as we did in class.


Some of you have received very positive comments from teachers from as far away as California; make sure you check your blog posts for any new comments.


Your Animoto Videos are great - make sure you have a look.


I've uploaded pictures of you all hard at work on the nets of a cube investigation - how many nets are there?


Have a look at the pictures from the Ancient Egypt workshop. The artefacts you produced look brilliant!

Have you seen the Kids’ Zone? Play games and visit some cool websites. You can vote for your favourites.




Summer term spelling lists


Class Five English Homework 24-04-14

Class 5 Easter Homework

Go Down Moses Harmonica Tab

Twinkle Twinkle Harmonica Tab

Oh When the Saints Harmonica Tab

Class 5 English Homework 26-03-15

Match of the Day Harmonica notation

Happy Birthday Harmonica notation - it's up the 'dusty end', but you asked for it!

Class 5 English Homework 20-03-15

Class 5 Maths Group Homework 17-03-15

Class 5 English Homework 06-03-15

Class 5 English Homework 27-02-15

Class 5 English Homework - Half Term

Class 5 English Homework 06-02-15

Class 5 English Homework 30-01-15

Class work

Ancient Egyptian Artefacts Workshop

A busy Maths lesson investigating nets of a cube.

Human Rights/Happiness Powerpoints.

Jack and Matthew

Joshua and Sapphire

James and Grace

Alex and Oskar

Sonny and Christina

Ben and Dayha

Olivia and Mollie

Mia and Ben D

Grid Method for long multiplication

Still image for this video
Mollie and James demonstrate how.