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Spring Term

CARITAS IN ACTION - The Dignity of The Human Person


We’ve been celebrating our gifts from God. We shared what we thought each other’s gifts were. We enjoyed hearing and celebrating these. Please use the QR code below to listen. 

Who Were The First People To Live In Britain? 

We’ve started our new topic of ‘Who were the first people in Britain’. Both at home and in school we have exploring and discussing artefacts from the Stone Age period and what they may have been used for. 

Year 3 children at home and in school have been designing and creating their own Stone Age meals. They had to find out how they would source their ingredients and if they were safe or not.

We’ve been designing our own creatures with different features that would survive the Stone Age. 

We’ve been busy making Stone Age tools

Our reading buddy brought a magic note yesterday after he learnt how to use a laptop. He has asked the children to write a story for him to read - so with all the excitement they got busy planning them. 

We practiced our presentation skills as we created our own Stone Age to Iron Age presentations. Such confidence!


We have had the best morning on our in house school trip to the Stone Age. Making tools, building houses, cave paintings, fossil hunting and stories around the fire. 

Multiplication in Maths 

At home and school explaining of our new multiplication methods 

3 x 44 - Short Multiplication Method

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23 x 2 - Partitioning Method

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All Multiplication Methods Explained

3 x 23 - Grouping Method

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3 x 23 - Partitioning Method

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2 x 23 - Grouping Method

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Researching of different Saints

Some really wonderful research work in year 3 on different Saints both at home and school. The different ways of presenting the information about their Saint choice and their feast day really was impressive.

Mental Health Awareness Week 

We have been on a gratitude scavenger hunt today at home and in school. We’ve been searching for things that we are grateful for and enjoy.

We’ve been inspired by Mark Rothko and his emotions art for #MentalHealthAwareness in expressing ourselves. We’ve been creating art and poetry at home and in school. Really proud of these thoughtful beautiful pieces.

Internet Safety Day 


We’ve been exploring how to keep ourselves safe from fake news and information found on the internet. We’ve looked at how to spot it and what to do if we do find it. 


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Exploring Emotions 


We’ve been exploring emotions we feel through the day and how it’s okay to feel them all as long as we understand and accept them. It was nice to see how similar we all were in feeling a mix of emotions all the time. 

Celebrations for Our Lady of Lourdes Feast Day 

Blob Art 

we’ve been creating pictures from random blobs of paint. We have been extremely creative. 

Painting and Printing Artwork 

Science Week


As innovators we’ve been creating our own parachutes to ensure Humpty Dumpty arrives safely on Mars. 

Our Scientific Questioning

The Final Eggsperiment

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Our Lenten Worship

Fourth week of Lent with a theme of Love


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‪Celebrating The Feast of St Joseph with a lovely assemb,y followed with a collective worship. 

Holy Week 

We have been role playing the story in the Garden of Gethsemane. We’ve been exploring all of the characters including those who turned their backs on Jesus and denied him.